We have high expectations of all our students in terms of their academic progress, their attendance and their conduct as a member of our school community, both within and outside school. When a student meets or exceeds those expectations we reward and celebrate their achievement.

We have implemented an electronic behaviour system, which records studentsā€™ behaviour, both positive and negative. Their net behaviour points are the sum of their positive points minus any negative ones. Students receive achievement points for a wide range of actions including good classwork, submitting outstanding homework, progress, attitude to learning, embodying any one of our Rokeby values or caring for the school environment. When a student reaches a specified milestone (which ranges from Bronze up to Diamond), they are presented with a certificate, badge and further prizes/rewards depending on the level they have reached.

Rokeby Rewards Triangle


This behaviour system also creates competition within year groups as tutor groups compete to earn the most points. Consequently, students recognise responsibility for their own success whilst also understanding their role and contribution as part of a wider team.