At Rokeby our aim is to get the best out of every student; excellence in teaching and learning is therefore at the heart of our work. Our vision is based on five core values: Respect, Success, Passion for Learning, Personal Challenge and Harmony. In working towards instilling these values in our students, we strive to provide a safe, healthy and stimulating environment for all.

We are one of six schools in the Newham Community Schools Trust. Collectively, we share a common vision and commitment to providing a world-class education for young people in Newham and to developing as centres of excellence for teaching and learning.

Rokeby is one of two all boys schools in the borough. As such we can cater specifically for the learning styles and social needs of boys. Our curriculum allows students to develop socially, behaviourally and academically at their own pace and in their own unique ways. This reflects positively in our results: for the past five years, our students’ progress in English and maths at GCSE has been above the national average for boys. In 2023 our students achieved a Progress 8 (P8) score of +0.3 – this is half a grade above national average for boys. 

We excel in mathematics and every student is entered for a language GCSE. These subjects transcend the linguistic barriers often present in other areas of the curriculum and students can experience early success. This builds self-confidence and a sense of achievement, which positively impacts upon all areas of school life.

Exam results are only one measure of success; our students have accomplished significant achievements in the areas of sports, enterprise initiatives, public speaking and the arts. We foster students’ wider interests and skills through a varied programme of extra-curricular activities and student leadership opportunities, all of which are essential to nurturing potential outside the classroom.  

We have high expectations of everyone in our school. Our provision includes extension for the most able, as well as targeted support and intervention, to ensure all students achieve to the best of their ability and that they leave Rokeby equipped with the skills needed to excel in today’s world. By working in partnership with all stakeholders, especially parents and carers, we have created a dynamic and innovative learning environment.