Rokeby has a whole school approach to asthma.  We provide staff training and work closely with parents, carers and the LBN’s School Health Team to ensure a proactive approach to managing and supporting our students who have asthma.

Below are some useful resources for families:

Rokeby Asthma Policy

Rokeby Asthma Policy

Asthma Action Plan

Rokeby Asthma Action Plan

Spacer and inhaler instructions

Spacer & inhaler technique (mask)
Spacer & inhaler technique (mouthpiece)

Asthma & Allergy Videos (YouTube)

Asthma kit (Newham video 8.40 mins)
Washing a spacer (Newham video 2.38 mins)
What it feels like to have asthma (Newham video 1.52 mins)
Living with asthma (Newham video 13.04 mins)
Whole school asthma approach (Newham video 4.49 mins)

Useful websites

Rokeby SEND Coordinator (SENCO):
Ms Galligan: 0207 540 5620 ext 117