Our Vision

Our vision is that when our students leave school, they will be fully equipped to take the next step, either into further education or the world of work.

Rokeby will have an outstanding reputation for educating boys to become accomplished, ambitious young men of integrity and resilience who will be ready to make a significant contribution to society.

They will be multi-skilled, numerate, literate and most will be multilingual. They will be financially astute, enterprising, creative, adventurous and keen to play a major part in the communities where they live and work.

They will embody our values: Respect, Success, Personal Challenge, Passion for Learning and Harmony.

‘Dare to be the best’

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The Rokeby Values

Our core values underpin the whole vision for Rokeby. We aim to promote these values throughout the community through the curriculum, pastoral programme, assemblies, policies and procedures and all other aspects of the work of the school.


  • For each other’s feelings and needs
  • For each other’s beliefs, cultures and differences
  • For the environment; school, local and global
  • Actively tackling prejudice, discrimination and injustice


  • Regardless of personal circumstance and ability
  • Recognise different ways of experiencing success
  • Use praise, rewards and awards to identify success
  • Celebrate and share each other’s achievements


  • Sharing and passing on ideas, knowledge and skills
  • Support and encourage independent learning
  • Identify and cater for preferred learning styles
  • Developing enquiring and open minds, encouraging exploration of questioning skills
  • Kindle a desire for life long learning for all stakeholders


  • To understand the value of perseverance
  • Be able to manage change and be adaptable to new situations
  • To rise positively to challenges with effort and determination
  • To have the skills and confidence to take on leadership opportunities


  • Listening to, understanding and working with other’s
  • To establish a working atmosphere in which risk taking is encouraged
  • To create a peaceful, calm and purposeful atmosphere throughout the school
  • Working in partnerships to create a safe environment for the entire community

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The Successful Rokeby Student

Our vision is that a successful Rokeby student:

Will be

  • An effective learner
  • Self aware and emotionally intelligent
  • Able to work independently and as a member of a team
  • Able to act on and seek advice
  • Able to set own targets and goals
  • Able to support and counsel peers and younger students
  • Numerate, literate and technologically able
  • Motivated and enthusiastic about learning
  • Responsible for their own behaviour and the welfare of other’s

Will have

  • A sense of achievement and success
  • A sense of social responsibility
  • The ability to enjoy physical and mental well being
  • An excellent record of attendance and punctuality
  • The confidence to access public systems and manage every day life
  • Knowledge of local, national and international issues
  • The confidence to challenge and stand up for what they believe in
  • The drive and ambition to achieve what they want in life
  • The flexibility to apply a wide range of skills in different settings

Will want

  • To contribute to the decision making processes in the school
  • To contribute to the immediate community and to wider society
  • To continue into further education, employment or training
  • To find peaceful solutions to conflicts
  • To act as an excellent role model for younger students
  • To recommend the school to other’s

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