All students are expected to attend school every day and on time.

In case of absence

If your son is unwell, please phone school on the first day of his absence, as well as on every subsequent day, to inform us why he cannot attend.  In addition, any absence must be accounted for with a note in your son’s planner, which clearly states the dates and reason for absence.  Please ensure it is written, dated and signed by a parent/carer.  Where possible, please also provide medical evidence, such as a doctor’s note, prescription, appointment card or other appropriate form of evidence.

Arranging appointments during the school day

We encourage all parent/carers to arrange medical or dental appointments outside of school hours.  When this is not possible, please ensure your son is out of school for the minimum amount of time necessary.  Prior to the appointment, please provide school with a note detailing the appointment and if possible a copy of the appointment card.  Failure to do this will be regarded as an unauthorised absence.


Attendance & Cover Officer: Ms Patel

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