Policies & Procedures

Rokeby School Uniform (Dress Code)

(this is not an exhaustive list)
Black formal shoes Boots
Brown Shoes
Basket Ball Boots
Converse/Baseball boots
Plain black trousers worn waist high Jeans
Jean Style Trousers
Tracksuit Trousers
Tracksuits worn under trousers
White shirt – long or short sleeved, must be tucked in at all times Polo Shirt
PE or coloured T-shirts worn under shirts
School tie  
Plain black V neck jumper with a badge Form of other jumper allowed including sweat tops, tracksuit tops, cardigans, fleeces, designer label sports tops
Black blazer with badge  
Coat – plain black / navy blue coat only Hoodies, camouflage, tracksuits, corduroy jackets, jeans/denim jackets, brightly coloured jackets / anoraks / rain tops (sports) and fleeces
Plain black cap / hat may be worn outside – black or white religious hat Other types of hats or colours, prayer shawls, headbands, visors, bandanas, durags

Jewellery – plain small silver or gold studs and a watch

A school bag which is large enough to hold A4 exercise books and textbooks

Other jewellery


Side bags

School Uniform

Bespoke uniform items including blazers, jumpers, ties and PE kit can only be purchased from the school reception. All other uniform items can be purchased at the retail establishment of your choice.

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Overview of the Special Educational Needs Policy

Special Educational Needs (SEN) provision for students at Rokeby School

As part of the Children and Families Act 2014, Local Authorities are required to publish a ‘Local Offer’ which sets out support that is available for children and young people with SEND in the local area.

Newham’s Local Offer is available on the Newham Website (www.newham.gov.uk/SENLocalOffer) and informs parents/carers about how to access services in their area and what to expect from these services.

Alongside this, schools are required to publish information about their arrangements for identifying, assessing and making provision for students with SEND.

This is the Local Offer for Rokeby School. It describes the arrangements we make that are ‘additional’ and ‘different’ for pupils with SEND. This information has been produced together with parents, carers and our young people and will be reviewed annually.

The following information outlines the support and provision students with SEN can expect at Rokeby School.

At Rokeby School :

Our vision is that when our students leave school, they will be fully equipped to take the next step, either into further education or the world of work.

Rokeby will have an outstanding reputation for educating boys to become accomplished, ambitious young men of integrity and resilience who will be ready to make a significant contribution to society.

They will be multi-skilled, numerate, literate and most will be multilingual. They will be financially astute, enterprising, creative, adventurous and keen to play a major part in the communities where they live and work.

They will embody our values: Respect, Success, Personal Challenge, Passion for Learning and Harmony.

‘Dare to be the best’

Our core values underpin the whole vision for Rokeby. We aim to promote these values throughout the community through the curriculum, pastoral programme, assemblies, policies and procedures and all other aspects of the work of the school.

Farzana Khan is the Inclusive Education Link Governor and the SEND Coordinator (SENCO) is Ms Galligan. If you would like to speak with Ms Galligan please call: 0207 540 5620 ext 117 or email: johanna.galligan@Rokeby.newham.sch.uk

Please follow the link below to find a copy of Newham’s local offer/SEND Information Report.

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Single Equalities Scheme

We have amalgamated our policies for race, disability and gender into a single scheme with identified objectives. As part of our work in producing a Single Equalities Scheme, the Equalities Group has consulted among staff, parents, carers and students. This consultation is on-going and views from governors and other stakeholders will also be sought.

The Equalities Group meet regularly in school and would welcome any interested parents/carers who would like to contribute to our Equalities Scheme.

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Accessibility and the Disability Equality Duty

An Accessibility Plan is in place:

  • To increase the extent to which pupils with a disability can participate in the curriculum
  • To improve the physical environment so that pupils with a disability can take advantage of the education and associated services provided by the school
  • To improve the delivery of information to pupils with a disadvantage that would normally be provided in writing to other pupils

Discrimination is:

  • Treating a student “less favourably” than others for a reason relating directly to their disability
  • Failing to make a “reasonable adjustment” to ensure they are not placed at a “substantial disadvantage” for a reason relating to their disability

Our Disability Equality Duty is to:

  1. Promote Equality of opportunity
  2. Eliminate unlawful discrimination
  3. Eliminate disability-related harassment
  4. Promote positive attitudes towards disabled people
  5. Encourage disabled people’s participation in public life
  6. Take steps to take into account people’s disabilities, even where that involves more favourable treatment

Via the Disability Equality Scheme we will:

  • Deliver Training to all staff and all Governors on the new duty
  • Organise a disability equality steering group, including any disabled staff and Governors.
  • Talk to parents and pupils to find out how they want to be involved in the production of our scheme.
  • Look at our current information gathering mechanisms to see where improvements can be made.
  • Ensure that every piece of information we gather is used.
  • Decide which policies and practices have the biggest impact on disability equality and which need to be assessed first.
  • Use the information we have gathered from our involvement of disabled people to write our Action plan
  • Inform on progress we have made in the Annual Report.
  • Our DES is an ongoing process, which we will review and revise every three years

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Year 7 Catch-up Report

The literacy and numeracy catch-up premium gives schools additional funding to support year 7 students who did not achieve the expected standard in reading or maths at the end of key stage 2.


Our Child Protection policy sets out the safeguarding procedures that we follow to ensure that all our students are safe.

Please follow the link below to view a PDF* of our Safeguarding Policy:

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School Evaluation Form (SEF) & School Development Plan (SDP)

Our SEF provides an overview of current practice highlighting our strengths and areas for development.

Our SDP provides an overview of our priorities for this academic year.

Please follow the link below to view a PDF* of our SEF & SDP:

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Rokeby School Accessibility Policy November 2017 & Rokeby School Accessibility Action Plan 2017-2018

Please follow the link below to view a PDF of the Accessibility Policy and Action Plan:

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*If you have problems opening PDFs please download the latest version of Adobe Reader.