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Admissions for entry from September 2018 (2018/9 academic year)

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Mid Phase Admission Procedures


Mid Phase Admissions at Rokeby are students that start school after the first half term of Year 7 through to Year 11.


We welcome all students into the Rokeby community and offer every child an education. We are aware that students joining Rokeby mid-phase are doing so for a variety of reasons, some of which may be upsetting and difficult for them. At Rokeby we support all students and offer packages to meet their individual needs, whether emotional, learning or behavioural.

Parents and carers are an important part of the Rokeby community and are welcomed along with their children.


  • To make every child and parent/ carer feel welcomed and a valued member of the school community.
  • To assess every child accurately and provide any necessary support for them.
  • To ensure that we are fully aware of any medical conditions, with the care plan if applicable.
  • To ensure that every teacher is aware of the new arrival and any needs they have.
  • To work with any outside agencies the child may be involved in.
  • To pair students up with ‘buddies’ in order to encourage integration with peers.

Induction Process for students who arrive during the course of the school year (Mid-Phase Admission – MPA – students)

  • The new student will be invited in for an interview with the Student Support Officer.
  • After the admission interview the new student will have to complete a Maths and English assessment.
  • The school prepares for the new students by:
    • entering all the information onto the school database
    • allocating the student a form group and a timetable
    • organising ‘buddies’ (see below for explanation) for the new student, and briefing them on their role
    • circulating information about the new student to all teachers, on a ‘need to know’ basis
    • ensuring any support needed (Special Educational Needs, English as an Additional Language or Most Able) is in place
  • The student starts on the agreed day, and is met by his ‘buddies’ or a MPA Leader and taken to his form class for registration.
  • School encourages parents/carers to get in touch with any questions that come up.
  • After four weeks the student and the allocated buddies meet with the Student Support Officers to discuss how the integration has gone. Any issues raised are passed on to the year coordinator.
  • By week four, the student is a fully integrated member of the Rokeby community and our rigorous systems of tracking data and progress supports the student through their time at Rokeby.

Buddies: Student(s) in the same form class who are expected to help the new student settle in by introducing them to fellow students, help with integration, suggest clubs and help them to understand the school day.

MPA Leaders: An MPA leader is a student who will show the student around on the first day before registration and will act as a go-to-student for any new student who needs guidance or support when lost or confused.

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